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Test Engineers Target Group

The module is suitable for users, developers and managers who test information systems and software products.

General knowledge in the field of system development and six months to one year of work experience in the testing field are recommended. TMap® Suite Test Engineer is based on three sources which together constitute the TMap Suite.

  • TMap HD story: describes the new TMap Human Driven approach, which is specially developed for the new Agile and Human Driven world that is introduced in more and more organizations. The process is no longer leading, but the team, in which the testers themselves decide how to use a quality-driven approach to achieve the desired result.
  • TMap Building blocks: describe specific test solutions to problems. They are process steps, documents or solutions that you can use for specific testing and quality challenges. For instance, “Product risk analysis” is the building block that can solves the challenge of gathering risks and assigning a risk class to them.
  • TMap for result-driven testing: This approach suits the more traditional development environments, and is still relevant in many organizations.

Why Test Management Approach (TMap)

TMap prepares a candidate to take on the testing challenges

The IT industry is changing rapidly and as a result, the tester profession becomes more and more complex

In recent years, the number of new development methods and IT technologies increased. Many aspects of daily life are now fully supported by the use of software, which means the importance (or demand) of functional and high quality software also increased. 
  • The TMap testing method has a long history;
  • The TMap Suite is the result of a complete renovation of TMap to optimally support the tester in a new era;
  • Hundreds of organizations around the world are now using TMap, making TMap a leading standard for testing.
software testeři


TMap NEXT is internationally recognized as a test method. TAYLLORCOX is the market leader specialized in certifying IT professionals. More reasons:

  • Approach saves time and money
  • Concise program for structured test approach
  • Test methods accessible 4 everyone: small & large org.
  • The Business Driven Test Management
  • Not just for so ware (acceptance) testing
  • Discover errors earlier in the development cycle

More information about Testing Approach

Testing software according to the world standard. TAYLLORCOX guarantees qualified Test Managers and Test engineers

Since its introduction by Sogeti in 1995, TMap (Test Management Approach) has grown to become the standard for structured so ware testing. This position was further strengthened with the arrival of TMap NEXT® in 2006. 

TMap NEXT® is based on the Business Driven Test Management approach. By using it, organi- zations increase their control over the test process. TMap NEXT® also describes a structured test process, from planning to completion.

Test managers and test engineers have a complete toolbox for technology, infrastructure and organization. TMap NEXT® can be applied in all situations and in combination with any development method. 

How To Choose The Best certification

What are the differences between ISTQB and TMap?

ISTQB has a good reputation and is well known on the market. But The TMap offering

  • Role-based course
  • Provides a free workbook
  • Does not require university degree
  • Is a human-driven test method, already incorporating agile methodology
  • The TPI NEXT® model is a reference model for test processes applicable in all environments. It is an addition to our testing portfolio. 

Jak získat certifikát PRINCE2 Foundation

Váš Software Testing certifikát | Certify your Future

Software Tester certification details

With the TMap NEXT® Test Engineer certificate, test engineers prove that they are able to prepare, specify and implement tests.

They know the techniques, infrastructure and resources and know how these need to be used in order to deliver high quality so ware. Topics within this module are the framework and importance of testing, TMap phases of acceptance and system tests, develop- ment tests and test design. 

Candidates are being tested on the following topics: Test design (35%). Framework and importance of testing (20%) TMap activities and TMap NEXT phases (45%). Exam details:

  • Questions: 30
  • Pass rate: 65% (20 of 30)
  • Open book/notes: no permited
  • Electronic equipment permitted: no

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